Tips for breastfeeding (2020) – Consider breastfeeding (Why & How)

use the tips for breastfeeding

You should consider breastfeeding your newborn baby. There are many benefits of breastfeeding your child so check out these tips for breastfeeding which you get right here.

If you don’t know why you should breastfeed your baby you should know there is no doubt that your baby will benefit from breastfeeding because breast milk will boost your baby’s immune system and breast milk has the right balance of nutrients.

Why You Should Breastfeed

First of all, by breastfeeding you get the important skin to skin contact with your baby and that way also building a strong connection between the two of you which will benefit your baby’s physical and mental development.

But not only will build the important connection between the two of you, but you will also gain these very good benefits by breastfeeding:

  • Your breast milk is the most optimal nutrition because it is composed to fit your baby needs exactly and it contains important antibodies.
  • One of the very great tips for breastfeeding is the fact that it can have a protective effect against chronic diseases such as allergies, diabetes and obesity later on in your child’s life.
  • Breast feeding will reduce risk of diseases like diarrhea, otitis media and also respiratory tract infections.
  • You will reduce risk of dehydration and malnutrition whenever your baby is sick.
  • Most likely will breastfeeding reduce the chance of sudden unexpected infant death.
  • The benefit for you as a mother is the fact that breastfeeding can help prevent ovarian and breast cancer.

Now you know these important reasons why you should breastfeed your baby, you need to know how to actually do it.

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How to Breastfeed?

You will probably run into trouble with breastfeeding because almost 50% of mothers will experience this so you need to remember that practice makes perfect.

A rather painful experience by breastfeeding in the early beginning is that you will start feeling pain in your nipples and aftershock in your uterus, but you need to remember this will only be in the beginning and you need to remember about the great benefits of breastfeeding.

It can for a long time seem like there is not enough breast milk but you don’t need to be alarmed because it can take 6 weeks before the quantity of milk and your baby’s needs are aligned.

Right after birth, your baby probably wants to suck on the breast and letting the baby do this will help boosting the process of breastfeeding. Your milk will take from 24 to 72 hours before it runs but as stated, you should let your baby suck anyway because it makes your milk run faster.

You should let your baby set the pace of breastfeeding and it should eat each 3-4 hours and at least 6 times each day – But your baby could whine a bit and it doesn’t necessarily means it is hungry, so be observing if its crying for hunger or something else because he or she will cry whenever there is something he or she is not satisfied with.

There are some common signs of wellbeing when your baby is okay and well-feed:

  • The baby is attentive
  • The baby doesn’t have pale or grey skin color
  • The baby is interested in eating
  • The baby wants to eat 6 or more times a day
  • The baby is not crying or seems restless all the time