Amazing unhealthy ways to lose weight – Avoid this!

unhealthy ways to lose weight

People in American spend over $30 billion annually on weight loss programs, but they still remain the largest obese population in the whole world.

Obesity is one of the main worries of many people in the world as far as health is concerned. When one has an undesirable weight, it causes not only shame but also health issues. It has been the main reasons why people tend to use unhealthy ways to lose weight. These methods are hazardous to one’s physical structure and mental well-being.


Starvation or Anorexia Crash Diets

One of the most common wrong ways to lose weight is through starvation or skipping meals. A lot of people love this method with no real reason, and this way is very different from fasting.

Planned fasting is always healthy and help one clean and detoxify his or her body. During fasting one does exercise to allow body restructuring.

Starvation is the long-term restriction from food. It results in the body does not get enough calories and nutrients for proper function. The starvation way lowers the immune system of a person predisposing the person to numerous malnutrition diseases. This method is famous for people who do not have the correct information about weight loss steps and as such believe that eating is the result of their obesity state.

Worst case scenario can lead to bulimia and severe illness, and no one should use of these starvation methods because they are some of the most unhealthy ways to lose weight fast. If you have used or consider using these kinds of methods, you might want to consider a health insurance and protection for your future protection and security. Start using the healthy way for weight loss before it is too late and be persistent about it instead.


Are Drugs Natural Ways to Lose Weight?

Besides starvation methods, a lot of people tend to lose weight through drugs. These people buy the drugs from mostly unauthorized doctors and physicians. I recently saw some students use a drug commonly referred to as methamphetamines to reduce weight.

Some people also say that the use of crack and cocaine also helps in reducing weight. Myths or realities, I have no idea but it most surely is the “best” unhealthy ways to your health and even though you probably could lose weight in a week or even faster, using drugs in your body system will harm you for life.

Recent reports published on beauty magazine’s suggested the some famous celebrities in USA and UK used ADHD Ritalin drugs and Adderall drug for weight loss. Their sources are just rumors that have not been proved. Doctor reports have shown that these drugs have many side effects that can even cause the body to gain more weight. However, this method is faster hence preferred by most celebrities.

The drugs are also very expensive hence rich and famous people such as celebrities, politicians and top business owners among others are ones likely to afford them compared to the “ordinary people.”



Use of Laxatives is another alternative of losing weight unhealthily. These foods, compounds, drugs used for weight loss mostly called weight loss supplements come in the form of tablets, powders suppositories and drinks.

The users believe that the laxative prevents the absorption of taken food. They have long and short side effects. Short time effects include dehydration and hemorrhoids as referred by doctors while long-term effect of intestinal paralysis, renal syndrome among many effects and it takes a longer duration before the side effect of laxatives to appear.

Most recent reports alleged that Hollywood star Jennifer Hudson used laxatives to reduce her weight. It may or may not be true, but the rumor about laxatives and Jennifer Hudson will not go away.


Purging to Shed Fat

Another weird and unhealthy ways to lose weight is through purging.This is the action of vomiting the food immediately after taking directly from the stomach. Others believe that people who suffer from these have a disorder in their eating habits (Bulimia).

This process will result to malnutrition due to purging of vital nutrients lacking in the food. Many people who have tried this have suffered from ulcers, tears, ruptures among others. This process is complicated hence not well known among many prominent people, but you shouldn’t even try this very unhealthy way to lose weight fast.


Smoking Make You Lose Weight?

Some people say that smoking intensity metabolic rate and overwhelms the appetite, the benefits are immaterial to the side effects of smoking. The truth is that one danger of being a smoke are serious compared to being obese.

Everybody knows that smoking causes cancer that is a life-threatening disease. The rumor has it that Hollywood star Jonah Hill- lost about 30 pounds due to smoking. It might be true of false depending on your view.


Sweat it Out!

Others also claim that using Sweat or sauna or suits can help one lose weight. You need to know this way is just mere myth that do not have any scientific proof because science have claimed that weight losses this way is merely water weight. This method is a known cause of body dehydration as well as increased body temperature.

If you know a bit about boxing or MMA you will know this method is a well-known way to drop water weight very fast before the fighters need to do a weight in where they can weight too much for the fight.


Exercising A LOT!

There are many people who believe that Over-Exercising helps on reduce weight. It is false medically since as one subject’s body too hard physical activities that may lead body distortion. This process can even lead to heart failure. Not many people as such use the method. The method is not commonly used.


No Calories

Others tend to use no calories diets where people take these dangerous artificial sweeteners just because they want to lose weight. Unfortunately, they even gain more weight by choosing the method.

Does unbalanced diet make someone lose weight? Many have asked themselves this question until they end up taking weird diets in the name of losing weight.

A lot of people don’t know the correct ways to lose weight maybe because famous celebrities like Raven-Symoné, Kristie Alley, Jennifer Hudson, and Jonah Hill among others have used the fad diets. These are unhealthy methods and are claimed by many gossip websites to be the way to lose weight.

The best way a person can lose weight is regular exercise, having enough sleep approximately seven to eight hours, taking many little balanced diet foods as opposed to few more foods, and you might need to include regular visit for medical weight check-ups.

Staying healthy is an individual effort. Working out, and staying firm on a healthy diet should supplement one to lose weight in a healthy manner. Losing weight needs a lifestyle change, particularly if you want it to stay healthy and you want to be healthy by staying away from these unhealthy ways to lose weight.

If you want to lose weight, maybe because you want to feel sexy or attractive again because don’t we all? You should do yourself a favor a use a method that works, and that is healthy.