What is brown discharge that occurs during pregnancy?

Brown Discharge that Occurs During Pregnancy

Brown discharge that occurs during pregnancy is a kind of scant vaginal, it always happens to women in different times. And it’s a few drops that happen to women in the first week of pregnancy, it’s normal as a non-recurring phenomenon. Read on to get a lot more information about the brown discharge and check out the other healthy pregnancy tips you find here.

Why it Takes the Brown Color?

The color of discharge can be vary it’s not only dark brown, it can take the dark ruby or black with these colors we can’t say that there is a big problem. You should know that brown blood on its own does not mean that there is a problem because the brown blood is an old blood.

Always when you see any increase or different color brown or red in discharge during your pregnancy, you should talk to your doctor immediately.

There are some Reasons for Brown Discharge?

  1. Miscarriage: This is mostly caused when the body dispels the fetus and it always happens for unknown reasons.
  2. The molar pregnancy: This is one of the serious causes for the brown discharge, with molar pregnancy the growth of the embryo does not happen properly, and the cells that grow to form a placenta contain a lot of abnormalities.
  3. The Implantation bleed: This is one other cause of the brown discharge in the pregnancy period, This occurs for about two weeks after conceiving and after the last menstruation by four weeks, and it mostly happen when the fertilized egg gets implanted in the uterus which causes the brown spots or light bleeding in a lot of women.
  4. The ectopic pregnancy: There some similarity between it and molar pregnancy. It’s happen when the fertilized egg planted outside the uterus. In a lot of cases the egg is settles in the fallopian tubes, and it also called tubal pregnancy. For the mother safety the two cases molar pregnancy and ectopic pregnancy should be removed early to save the mother’s life which is the most important thing.
  5. The vaginal infection: Some infections like verruca virus which affects the vaginal area might cause the brown discharge.
  6. The sexual intercourse: Because the cervix has become very sensitive, the brown blood spot has become normal after the vaginal ultrasound or the sexual intercourse. The little tears that caused by the irritation of the cervix can result the brown blood for two or three days.

How can we Treat the Brown Blood Spots?

In some cases like an excessive loss of blood with an abdominal pain and cramping, or a miscarriage you should go to the doctor to give you the best solution for your condition.

  • Always when you see the Blood spots you should lie down with your feet up and relax for some time as you can.
  • In some cases you may need to do a Doppler ultrasound scan that may be required to find the baby’s heartbeat and to adjust position of the placenta.
  • During your pregnancy don’t use the tampons because they invite new germs into the vagina.
  • During your pregnancy don’t treat yourself supposing that it’s a vaginal infection.
  • During your pregnancy if the pantie liners are comfort for you can wear it.