What causes of cellulite are? Get an answer here

what causes of cellulite are

ots of people wonder what the causes of cellulite are, and since you are reading this, you probably wonder the same.

It is not a death sentence discovering that one has cellulite in the body and it will not put you in the obese category; in fact slim people are found to have it.

Cellulite is mostly found along the thighs, hips and buttocks. Gender is often found to be the main cause of cellulite but also genetics, age and even weight may serve as the culprit.

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What else Cause Cellulite?

It has been found that gender has a role to play when it comes to cellulite accumulation in the body.

It is also reported that six out of twelve women have cellulite in their lower bodies as opposed to men. They are found to have subcutaneous fat within the pelvic region.  This basic difference in genders is what makes women highly exposed to cellulite.

Age is also one of the causes that make cellulite found in your body. As one ages, the skin will lose the capability to stretch and return to normal, hence becoming less elastic or frigid. As the skin becomes thinner, underlying cellulite comes up and is quite visible to the naked eye. What follows is that processes that forms wrinkles on the skin will increase skin dimpling of cellulite.

If your parents currently have cellulite, there are major chances that the same will follow with you. It is stated that one’s genes perform the largest role in developing cellulite. How the body moves fat, ones metabolism rate, as well as the condition of the skin are all genetic components.

According to research, cellulite seems to circulate in families, thus if ones family history shows the presence of cellulite in members, then one may not be able to avoid it.

Bad culinary habits, stress as well as smoking have been found to contribute to the presence cellulite in the body. Other factors that contribute to cellulite development are hormonal changes as well as the use of contraception.

Oral contraceptives and injections often disrupt the hormone levels in the body and may mostly make cellulite production faster.

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When Knowing the Causes you can Work on Improving

One of the best ways one may hamper cellulite includes maintaining a good weight.

This may be done by having thorough physical exercises while eating a lot of vegetables, fruit and wheat foods.

Following a simple, healthy lifestyle goes a long way in helping to curb the cellulite menace. It keeps one looking and feeling fresh, energetic and also adds concentration and metabolism.

Some good dieting habits can also reduce the level of cellulite causing chemicals, and decrease body fat thus resulting in the reduced manifestation of cellulite.

Staying away from smoking usually helps in preventing visible cellulite from worsening and spreading quickly.

Therapies for cellulite treatment are available, but evidence for their efficiency is quite limited. Doctors often don’t find cellulite a dangerous medical condition requiring treatment; however, seek medical advice if in doubt.