What is Dukan Diet? Get the Answer Here

what is dukan diet?

If you’re wondering what is Dukan Diet then it is your lucky day because this article is exactly about the subject.

The history of Dukan diet starts by who is Pierre Dukan?

The Diet is made by Pierre Dukan who is a 66 year old dietician and former doctor from France. Pierre Dukan has spent 20 years being dietician and he has made 20 books about the subject during this time.

The plan about the diet is rather simple because it promises a weekly weight loss of 4-10 pounds.

The diet is all about on how the primitive man used to eat back in the days when we were hunters.

This is a short overview of the diet so I will show some examples of Dukan Diet and not the entire program.

The beginning phase is the Attack phase which is based on 72 foods with lean proteins.

The attack phase should take between 2 to 7 days depending on how many pounds you want to lose.

What you eat in this phase is fish, chicken, eggs, no fat, dairy products and lean meat. You are not allowed to use oil or fat for the meat and vegetables, fibers and other foods are not allowed either.

During this phase you need to drink at least 1.5 liters of water every day.

So to tell you in few words what is Dukan diet phase one, then the aim is to lose weight rapidly in sort of a way to kick start your metabolism

The last 3 phases in the diet are:

  • Cruise phase
  • Consolidation phase
  • Stabilization phase

use the dukan dietAs already stated, you should drink plenty of water and you should avoid butter, oil, cream as these are totally forbidden in the first two phases of the diet.

In the last phase you are allowed to eat almost anything, as long as you stick to keeping one day a week to only eat proteins.

Disadvantage of doing this is that you can become very tired and can get constipation,  because the diet only are based on proteins but it is not unhealthy in any ways according to Pierre Dukan.

Some Dukan Diet complaints or critics have stated that the lack of vitamins and minerals in the attack phase isn’t particular healthy for your body.

Another disadvantage is that you need to buy protein food which is not particular cheap compared to regular foods.

Besides these things it is very popular because it will make you lose weight. If interested you can check out the reviews on amazon of the books by clicking on the pictures below.

I let it up to you to judge if it’s good or not but you can leave a comment about your opinion below.

What you also could do, is getting a healthy proven diet + tips and start on your journey to lose weight to obtain that body you dream about, or get that happy feeling you think weight loss will give …