What is an elliptical trainer?

If you are looking for an effective gym routine to lose weight, many experts and fitness fanatics would ask you to get on the elliptical trainer.

If you have heard of this quite a few times but weren’t sure of how it worked, this article will prove to be of some help you.

Here, we are going to see the basics of this trainer, how it works and what benefits it gives your body.

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The basics

An elliptical trainer, also known as a cross trainer, is a machine that was created around thirty years ago. It was designed in such a way to stimulate the activities of walking, running or climbing. When you do these activities in real life, you will feel excessive pressure and pain in your joints. However, this machine helps you do these activities with ease, guaranteeing you absolute safety to your joints. These are great machines for non-impact workouts, which is the main reason why it is preferred even by people who are injured.

The workouts are done with the person’s feet on the pedals of the trainer. Therefore, when you are working out on this machine, you don’t feel the stress at all, even though are involved in a high-intensity workout.  The movement of feet is in tandem with the push-pull movement of the person’s hand as he strongly grips the handles of the trainer. These handles are usually placed at a height which is below the shoulder height of the person using the machine.


Overall improvement in cardiovascular health

On an elliptical trainer, you can do moderate to intense workouts that keep a good check on your cardiac health. It is highly recommended that you do 75 minutes of intense work out (equivalent to 150 minutes of regular workout) on the cross trainer every day so that your heart rate can be monitored regularly. If you are doing it as per advice from your doctors, you can take the help of personal trainers to monitor your health.


Overall strengthening of toning of muscles

Some of the muscles that are put to maximum use when you use the cross trainer are your quads and hamstrings. With the help of adjustable incline mechanisms, you can also intensify your workout for the betterment of your calf muscles. Some of the latest elliptical trainers also have movable handlebars, due to which the shoulder muscles are benefitted by a large extent.


Overall calorie burning capacity increases

While we cannot strongly say that cross trainers aid in weight loss, what we can say is that they aid in the calorie burning capacity of your body. On an average, you can burn around 800 calories per hour on the trainer, but you can always increase this count by intensifying your workout and increasing your pedaling speed. However, if you want to results of weight loss, you have to keep burning thousands of calories consistently.

If muscle health and cardiovascular health are your prime fitness objectives, you need to start using the elliptical trainer right away. You will see visible results within a short time, and you will start looking for ways to improve your speed and endurance while you are on it.