What is a good calorie Intake for a Healthy Living?

What is a good calorie Intake for a Healthy Living?

When you ask different people what is a good calorie intake, you also get different answers.

This only means that the calorie need of our body depends on different factors such as lifestyle, body type and a lot more.

There is no certain formula for a good calorie intake. Some life activities also affect it like engaging into sports, exercise, daily work and doing house chores.

In general, a lot of people would agree that for men the daily calorie intake should be 2,500 and for women it is 1,900 calories. This value is also affected by age and height. Since men do more work, they are expected to take more calories per meal to have enough energy to do their daily work.

Personal daily calorie intake is not that hard to determine. The internet today had made it easy for everyone to know so many things in whatever field which includes fitness and health.

A lot of websites today could offer information about the needed calorie intake of an individual. These sites could be initiated by a company, an individual like this site or even by the government as a means of public service to its people like the National Institutes of Health. Most of these sites could provide suggested foods to take with their nutritional facts in order know if you are getting enough calories or not. Online discussions are also increasing in numbers.


What is a Good Calorie Intake to Lose Weight

For people who plan to cut their calorie intake for weight loss should not make it abruptly. Everything should be done slowly.

Experts recommend that only 500 calories each day should be cut. The body needs calories in order to function well so taking fewer calories could make you weak and unproductive. It is essential that you should not take less than 1,200 calories a day. When you eat less than the healthy calorie intake of your body, it might lead to injuries of your vital organs. This is why it is not safe to starve yourself just to lose weight.

The body needs balanced calorie intake. When the calories are too many, it results to weight gain, however if it is less, your body suffers a lot. The ideal scenario is not to fell hungry but also not feeling stuffed.

Experts recommend that only 500 calories each day should be cut

A lot of people eat fast, which is why they could not easily stop eating. This ends up taking too much calorie and eating even though they are full already. So from now on, eat slowly to easily determine if you are full.

If a person lives a balance lifestyle and eats right, he will not gain weight. Be sure not to practice sedentary kind of lifestyle which is the problem of most people today.

It is true that lifestyle change is difficult but certainly it is not impossible. It is all in the state of mind. Every day is a chance to change life for the better.

Make slow but steady and consistent changes in the foods you eat dailyy with good calorie foods and you could start using a calorie calculator to lose weight so you get an idea for the calorie intake for men or women that suits your body.

Besides changes to your diet you should make changes to your daily activities and even mentality.

It is best to follow a meal plan provided by an expert. Follow the meal plan strictly and results would be visible soon enough. Also do not forget to include daily exercise in your routine to have a better and healthier life.