What are Raspberry Ketones? Get the No Bullshit Answer Here

What are raspberry ketones?

What are raspberry ketones? Raspberry ketones are chemical substances that you mostly found in red raspberries and are responsible for the enticing aroma of these berries.

The substance do you usually use for obesity and weight loss as a healthy fat burner pill. It can also be used to enhance lean body mass and is also applied onto your scalp to promote hair growth.

Some components of these berries are used as an additive in the food industry to add scent and flavor in food.

It is also an essential compound in the cosmetic industry where it is used as a flavor and aroma enhancer in the making of perfumes.

Raspberry ketones are among the expensive natural occurring compounds, and this is attributed to the fact that they exist in small quantities

This compound is produced from Coumaroyl-Coenzyme A and is considered to be safe for consumption as determined by the FDA.

According to a clinical study conducted on rats, this compound proved to be significant in reducing high-fat elevation of the rats body weight.

From the findings of this research, raspberry ketone was then used in the production of weight loss products for humans.


Medical Benefits – How it Works for Weight Loss

This organic and water soluble raspberry extract, as stated earlier, plays a significant role in helping people to lose weight.

Although the effectiveness of this compound has not been directly associated with weight loss in humans, the berries themselves has proven to be effective in weight reduction.

A detailed  examination and analysis of these berries has shown that one cup of this fruit can produce over 8g of filling fiber, which are vital in preventing weight gain.


Improved Production of Norepinephrine

Recent studies have shown that raspberry ketone can trigger the production of norepinephrine, which are known to stimulate fat burning process and fat loss.

Norepinephrine fat burning usually causes increased body temperature, just like when you engage in intensive exercise. Moreover, this compound is essential for the lipolysis (breaking down of fatty acids) process.

Through the elevated body temperature, the excess body fats that you have stored in the body are burnt and converted to energy. Consequently, this causes loss of appetite and an increase in energy levels.


Treatment of Obesity

Raspberry ketones benefits are according to a study that was conducted in Japan in 2004; that aimed at determining the effectiveness of raspberry ketone in treating obesity in mice, the study concluded that raspberry ketone not only prevents weight gain but it also inhibits the accumulation of fats in the liver and hence improving the liver condition.

This effects caused by raspberry ketone was attributed to norepinephrine-induced fat burning. Similar results from women and men using this raspberry ketone supplements have been reported.


Possible Side Effects

Although this raspberry ketone in cosmetics and food are considered safe, no one has investigated its short and long term raspberry ketones side effects.

So far there is no research or study that has reported any side effects. However, from the fact that raspberry ketone has similar properties as other stimulants, there is a possibility of a person experiencing rapid heartbeat, increased blood pressure and jitteriness.

What you need to remember about raspberry ketones is that you need to have a healthy lifestyle with the right nutrition and to exercise – if you don’t change anything, then you will not lose your weight either no matter how many raspberry ketones you eat. But if you do change your bad habits compared with the raspberry, you will lose weight for sure.

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