Basic math why exercise burn calories

Basic math why exercise burn calories

Exercise burn calories and for this reason you should be doing some work out. But you can do all kinds of exercises and still not lose weight because of a very simple and logical reason.

To lose weight means you should consume fewer calories in food than you burn.

Please have a look at the simple fact about calories:

One pound is 3500 calories and if you reduce your intake of calories by 500 a day, you should lose a pound a week.

Most people think “this shouldn’t be too hard… in a week or two I’m slim”.

But the reality is that people like to eat and they really like food, personally I never really count my calories and I assume that goes for most of us – we don’t know how many calories we consume each day, so how are we able to consume fewer healthy calories than we burn.

I know this doesn’t go for everybody, but a large percentage of people like to eat a bit more egg whites and salad which bring me back to the start about exercising to burn the calories.

Exercise burn them fast and that’s why no matter what most of us do to lose weight, we are bound to do some exercises and there are benefits such as you lose weight faster and also get a better health – Exercises boost your metabolism and balance your blood sugar.

I would like to give another example of calorie numbers so you might consider why exercise helps you lose weight:

In general a person burns around 2000 calories a day.

If you want to lose a pound a week as mentioned above you need to reduce 500 so your intake is 1500 calories a day.

This means you can eat 3 meals a day which include 500 calories each.

Chicken or turkey burger, bun with ketchup and a salad dressing is 500 calories.

This sounds fair doesn’t it?

But the problem is most people like to eat and what if you like a snack, or want cream in your coffee, or actually drink a coke just once a week?

Whatever intake you do besides the 3 meals a day as described, will ruin the 1500 calories maximum.

But if you add exercises to the numbers you gain extra “credits” because exercise burn fat.

Walking for 30 minutes will burn around 150 calories (depending on your size).

This is just from walking and if you consider doing some more high intensive exercise you will burn even more calories.

Besides you lose weight a lot faster because of the simple calorie count there are a lot of benefits like exercise improves the mood, boost your energy, you will not get sick as easy, improves your skin and a lot of other things.

So remember exercise burn calories not only for losing weight but also for your overall health.