Why exercising while pregnant & what kind of workout?

Why Exercising While Pregnant?

It is recommended to do exercising while pregnant and do it at least 30 minutes of moderate intensity every day.

The exercising advice applies for all who experience a normal pregnancy. That is a pregnancy where your doctor does not directly recommend you not to do exercising.

Exercising in moderate intensity means that you can benefit from these types of exercises while pregnant which are cycling, swimming, climbing stairs, gardening, going for a brisk walk, yoga, pilates or pregnancy gymnastics exercising.

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Physical Hard Exercising Being Pregnant?

The 30 minutes can easily be divided up so that you do your exercising a bit of time during the day.

For women who before the conception have been very physically active and engaged in hard physical exercising like lifting weight, aerobic or other workout, studies have shown that it is safe to continue with this exercising also after the conception, as long as you make sure you listen to your body.

If your body signals that the exercising is too much which means that the exercise feels uncomfortable, you should turn down the training a bit. It is not a good idea to increase the hard physical training during pregnancy.

Exercising Eases Birth

Studies of pregnant women who have done exercising regularly during pregnancy have shown that these women found it easier to give birth than women who have not exercised regularly during pregnancy. Birth length was shorter for pregnant women who exercised during pregnancy, just like the need for clips, epidural analgesia, and cesarean were also seen less in this group of women.

Great Kind of Exercising

Swimming is a particularly ideal form of pregnant exercising because it can be done by most, even if you have not been accustomed to do exercising before you got pregnant.

Swimming is also suitable as a form of exercise for those who suffer from pelvic pain.

You can enjoy swimming right up until birth, as the water bears a part of the body’s weight, and therefore makes it easy for the mother to move in the water, despite the many extra pounds.

Swimming can also be a great help for pregnant women who have problems with fluid in the body. During swimming the water puts a light pressure on the body, as a kind of massage and it may be able to help if you have excessive accumulation of fluid.

Exercise Especially for Pregnant Women

Many sports clubs offer exclusively exercising for pregnant women. Otherwise, the midwife may sometimes assist with information on doing exercising classes for pregnant. It could also be a good idea to contact other pregnant women to get inspired.

You don’t need an exercise program while pregnant because exercise does not have to be scheduled. A brisk walk a few times a week when it fits into your program will also be a fine idea.

This Exercising is Not Recommended

Exercise Forms that cannot be recommended are sports that involve risk of knocks, bumps or pressure that may harm the child:

examples of sports that are not recommended are:

handball, skiing, riding, extreme aerobics and workout. Workout, where it is possible to sit down, is ok. And it’s not a good idea to practice diving as this may damage the child.